Window Balances, Spring or Tube Balance Window Part FREE ID HELP

SKU: olp-WinBal-1


OLDACH WINDOW BALANCES - various sizes and product applications available such as clips and shoes;  PLEASE SEND YOUR INFO ( stampings, lengths, shoe end info and photos ) to:


Product Categories include availability for 1/2" X1/2" Tilt Channel Balance, 3/8" Clip on Blances, 3/8" Heavy Duty Non- tilt balance (HD) Green tip, 3/8" Insul-Tilt Green tip Heavy Duty Balance, 3/8" Tilt Red or White Bushing Balance, 3/8" Yellow tip (SHD) Super Heavy Duty Balance, 3/8" Non-Tilt Balance Red or White bushing, 3/8" Super Heavy Duty Non Tilt Balance Yellow Balance, 5/8" Clip on Blances, 5/8" Heavy Duty Non-Tilt Spiral Balances, 5/8" Heavy Duty Tilt Window Balances, 5/8" Non-Tilt Block and Tackle Balances, 5/8" Spiral NonTilt Window Balances, 5/8" Spiral Tilt Window Balances, 5/8" Tilt Block and Tackle Balance, Accessories, Balance Tools, Hinge Tools, Block and Tackle Parts, Caldwell Ultra-Lift Balance, Casement Window Parts, Constant Force Balance, EZ-Lift Pre-Tensioned Balance. Prices Normally Range  from $ 19.99 to $24.95 each with a MINIMUM ORDER OF FOUR (4) EACH.  

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